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30 November 2018 - Portway Press - Newsletter

Friday 30 November 2018

We have had another action-packed week at Portway, both at school and out and about, taking the children away from the school grounds to learn about the community in which we live.

  • Year 1 enjoyed their local visit to Plaistow Fire Station.
  • Year 3 went further afield and travelled to the Bank of England to visit the on-site museum....and were amazed to find out that they were standing atop one of the world's largest stores of gold!
  • Year 4 (Hoxton class) visited the international engineering firm MACE, where they were able to design their own building for the future using lego bricks.
  • Another group of year 4 children were lucky enough to participate in the Bow Arts Project Animation workshop over a number of days.  We are hoping to be able to share their final animation, made alongside a group of children from Selwyn (also part of the Leading Learning Trust).
  • Joining children from Selwyn again, the choir performed at the Winter Wonderland event which took place at St John's Church, Stratford.  They should be very proud of their performance!
  • Congratulations to our Readers, Writers and Mathletes of the week - keep up the great work.

Finally, please continue to keep up to date with events at school via the Portway calendar which is published on the website.

Please remember to sign up for Parents' Evenings, which are in the calendar and which take place on the 11th and 12th December when we look forward to welcoming parents to school.

Jacqui Waine 

Head teacher

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