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29 November 2019 Portway Press - Newsletter

Friday 29 November 2019

At Portway, we believe that it is never too early to start preparing the children for their futures. To that end, we are delighted to have established a partnership with 15billionebp, an innovative charity committed to transforming young lives. 15billionebp brings together schools, employers and other partners to inspire young people to achieve their potential and thrive in their careers. The charity are dedicated to promoting social mobility and raising aspirations among young people. They work closely with employers, local authorities, European agencies and education institutes to understand the labour market. They then prepare young people to today's workplace, boosting their job prospects and the calibre of candidates available to potential employers.

Working with this charity, we now offer Work Week activities each year, to every child at Portway . During Work Week, the children take part in high-impact, week-long programmes of work- and career-related activities

The aim of Work Week is to raise levels of aspiration, achievement and motivation in the children, as they are introduced to careers in a range of different fields. There are opportunities for the children to engage with real places of work and to learn from a wide range of professionals. Children gain confidence and skills outside of the classroom. The themes and offers differ each year, enabling children to experience a wide range of opportunities in which they can explore potential future career paths.

What an incredible week both the children and the staff have had!

Have a great weekend!

Scott Chudley

Head teacher

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