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15 November 2019 Portway Press - Newsletter

Friday 15 November 2019

What a busy week! Highlights have included...

  • The eldest members of our school choir took part in a once in a lifetime event at the Royal Albert Hall.
  • Year 5 had the chance to watch a live orchestra which were visiting from Portugal!
  • Year 2 pupils went to the Olympic Park. 
  • Year 5&6 attended a dodgeball competition at Rokeby School.
  • All pupils have taken part in the Anti-bullying week campagin! 
  • A Succesful fund-raising event for Children in Need. 

Thank you to the majority of our families who make sure that their children are in the correct school uniform. We are really proud of our uniform at Portway School and expect all children to wear it. A gentle reminder, we expect all children to wear school uniform. 

Have a great weekend! 

Scott Chudley 

Head teacher 

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