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At Portway Primary School, we have a uniform which consists of a navy blue sweatshirt or jumper and a green polo shirt, all of which display the school badge. We expect children to wear the school uniform at all times, and ask that all items are clearly labelled.

In order to help parents, we have made ordering our uniform as easy as possible.  

When ordering the uniform, please ensure that you order items as specified below.  Please ensure that it complies with the following:


Upper half:

  • Green polo shirt - with embroidered school logo (required) 
  • Navy blue jumper - with embroidered school logo (required) 
  • Navy blue cardigan/fleece - with embroidered school logo (optional) 

Lower half:

  • Grey trousers (required) or shorts (in summer)
  • Grey skirt or a navy blue shalwar kameez (required) 
  • Blue and white dress (in summer)
  • Grey pinafore dress  (required) 
  • Grey/navy tights (or socks in summer)

Please ensure that all children wear black shoes.  Headscarves should be navy or white.

We also ask that all children have suitable clothing for our PE (physical education) lessons.  We ask that navy or black jogging bottoms/leggings/shorts are worn with the house t-shirt that will be provided to each child in the autumn term.

We will hold termly uniform swap shops to support families to recycle uniform once children grown and require the next size up. 

This page was last reviewed in September 2022.

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