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Results and inspections - we are an Ofsted Outstanding school across all categories

Portway Primary School is an Outstanding school across all categories.


On the 27th and 28th March 2019, Ofsted came to inspect our school, for the first time since March 2015.  The inspectors were very impressed with all we have on offer at Portway; in particular, they singled out:

  • Our broad, interesting and well organised curriculum
  • Our children's positive, engaged approach to their learning
  • The excellent academic progress that our children make at school
  • The high levels of attainment in maths and English
  • The way in which we work to support our children's personal development and welfare
  • The way in which our children support and encourage each other
  • The excellent behaviour of our children, both in lessons and around the school building
  • The way in which all groups of children make excellent progress
  • The excellent teaching across all areas of the curriculum, and the high expectations we have for our children

Please do take a look at the report, available to download on this page, alongside a copy of the letter sent to parents.  


Key Stage 2 results - summer 2019: an extract from our Trust Annual Review provides a summary of our results 


Overall, across reading, writing, maths, as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar, a higher percentage of our children than nationally reached the 'Expected Standard' - an excellent result, of which our children and staff are rightly proud.

In terms of the 'Higher Score' (ie. the percentage of the children who not only reached the 'Expected Standard', but who were assessed as working well beyond that), in reading, writing and spelling, punctuation and grammar, a higher percentage of our children than nationally reached this 'Higher Score' level.

Finally, our high progress scores provide evidence of the excellent teaching and learning at our school.

Key Stage 2 results - for summer 2018

As communicated to parents and carers in the news item published on the 21 December 2018, we are now able to share our validated results. 

Our progress scores, which put our school in the top 10% of all 92 schools and colleges in Newham using this measure, were as follows:

Reading 3.2 Well above national average
Writing 5.5 Well above national average
Maths 4.3 Well above national average


Overall, these excellent results indicated:

  • That our children's progress scores puts us in the top 10 Newham schools - a fantastic achievement
  • That 75% of year 6 children met the 'expected standard' across reading, writing and maths, a result which puts them in the top 40% of all 92 schools and colleges in Newham, as well as above both the figure in London (70%) and a full 11% above the 64% national figure.
  • 10% of our children met the more challenging 'higher standard' across all 3 areas,

Details for each area as as follows:

  • In reading, 82% of the children met the expected standard (above the 75% national score)
  • In maths, 77% of the children met the expected standard (above the 76% national score)
  • In SPAG (spelling and grammar), 83% of the children met the expected standard (above the 78% national score)

Congratulations to staff and children for such excellent results in all areas.


Our average scaled scores for maths and for reading are as follows:


Average scaled score (max = 120) Portway National
Maths - average scaled score 104 104.4
Reading - average scaled score 104 105


As our 2018/2019 cohort start their final Key Stage 2 year, we have met with parents and provided information re how to support their children through this process - this is available as a document to download on our Year 6 page.



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