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Our staff team and school contacts

At Portway, we have a large and dedicated staff team. This is made up of teaching staff, learning support staff, and a large number of dedicated people, from dinner ladies to our site supervisor, who enable our school to run effectively so that we can deliver the best outcomes for our children.

All of our teachers, as well as various other members of staff, are always available at the start and end of each day. The leadership team are in the playground daily, and we are very happy to help with any queries or concerns. You may of course wish to make a time to see a member of staff on an appointment basis; if so, please ask and this will be arranged promptly.

Key members of staff are as follows:

Head teacher                            Scott Chudley 

Deputy Head teacher               Gemma Wood

Head of Ops/PA to Head          Fredericka Bines          

Assistant Head teacher            Iona Singh 

Assistant Head teacher            Bethany Charters 

Assistant Head teacher            Andrew Sellers

Assistant Head teacher            Patricia McCartney

Assistant Head teacher            Lorna Gilbey

Senior Leader                           Jalina Belle


A list of all class teachers is available as a document to download. This is updated as and when required.

For any general queries, please get in touch with the school office via  email to get in touch or contact her by telephone on 020 84727142. 

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