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Portway Primary School is a fully inclusive academy in the London Borough of Newham and follows the inclusive policy of all Newham schools. At Portway all children are valued, respected and welcomed to the school whatever their additional educational need. We will support their learning and ensure they are fully included in all school activities, making full use of externally provided agencies where appropriate.

As a school in Newham, we work in partnership with the Borough to provide a Local Offer for children in need of such support. This is a guide to the services in Newham that are available for children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities aged from birth to 25. Further information is available here.

What additional support do we provide to children with specific educational needs?

Our Whole School Provision Map (available as a document to download on this page) provides an overview of the various additional interventions we offer to support all learners, as and where appropriate. If you wish to discuss your child’s support interventions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Inclusion Leader. Details of all staff are available on the website.

Additional needs are identified before, on entry or at any point during your child’s time at Portway. The appropriate intervention, referral or support is then put in place – as per our Whole School Provision Map.

Our Accessibility Plan (also available as a document to download) outlines how we work to ensure that our school is accessible to all learners.

Finally, our School SEN Information Report (updated annually) provides detailed information about our school and our provision, and is available as a document to download on this page.

Learning Support teachers

Intervention teachers teach small groups of children who are not making the progress we expect/not attaining the levels we expect. These teachers liaise with the Inclusion Team and class teachers to devise a differentiated programme that is monitored and reviewed regularly.

Speech and language

Speech therapists are available to support our children as and when required, and work with the Inclusion Lead, class teachers and learning support staff to deliver appropriate plans and interventions across Early Years and Key Stage 1. Such plans and interventions are for children who have been referred, by the school or by a medical professional. These programmes can include speech sound production, language development and social skills, depending on the child’s needs.

Literacy intervention

Individualised programmes submitted by our Complex Needs and Dyslexia Service colleagues assigned to assist our school are delivered by trained members of support staff. These are for children who have been referred, by the school or by a medical professional, to be assessed by the Complex Needs and Dyslexia Service. These programmes can include dyslexia assessments/programmes, literacy development programmes depending on the child’s needs.

School Counsellor

We employ a school counsellor through Place2Be who works with pupils on a termly basis, as identified by the Leadership Team.

This page was last reviewed in November 2022.

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