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Portway governors and LLT trustees

Our school is part of the Leading Learning Trust.  The trust is a charitable company, limited by guarantee.

The trust has three members, and is governed by a group of eight trustees.  A summary of the skills and experience that our members and trustees bring to their roles is provided in the document to download on this page.  The document also contains photographs of the trustees and members, in oder to ensure that members of our school community and other interested stakeholders can easily identify those tasked with governance of the trust. The Chair and the trustees can all be contacted via the Selwyn Primary School Office.

Details of how our trust is governed, as well as the scheme of delegation (that describes how the trust, the Local Governing Body and the Executive Head teacher work together to consult, review, approve, recommend, and action the work of the trust and of Portway Primary School) are all provided on the trust documentation page of the Leading Learning Trust website.  The trust also has two committees: the FARM (Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee) and the Pay Review Committee (further detail is again available on the trust documentation page).

As part of the Leading Learning Trust, Portway has a LGB (Local Governing Body).  The way in which this body is involved in the decision making regarding both trust-wide and school matters is detailed in the scheme of delegation referred to above.  A summary of the skills and experience that our local governors bring to their roles is available as a document to download on this page.  A register of business and financial interests is also published as a document to download.  The Portway LGB does not have any designated committees.  However, the Chair may ask groups of people to convene to assist with specific issues from time to time.

The LBG is supported in its duties by npw (Newham Partnership Working, Governor Services); the team can be contacted on 020 824 96937.  Correspondence for the Chair of Governors should be sent care of Portway Primary School.

The current governors at Portway are listed below.  Where applicable, their relationship to the Leading Learning Trust is specified.

Name Start date End date Other relevant positions
Jennifer Rhodes - Trust Board appointed governor and Chair 01/05/2016 30/04/2020 None
Scott Chudley - Head teacher 01/09/2019 Ex Officio Head teacher
Anisa Hakim - Coopted Governor 01/05/2016 30/04/2020 None
Ian Creppy - Parent Governor 14/05/2018 13/05/2022 None
Vanessa Powell - Trust Board appointed governor 07/06/2018 06/06/2022 None
Airina Narbuntiene - Staff Governor 14/10/2019 13/10/2023 None
James Stokes - Trust Board appointed governor 14/10/2019 13/10/2023 None
Fifelomo Coker - Coopted Governor 14/10/2019 13/10/2023  


Resignations in 2018/2019 - Dan Genn - July 2018; Richard Duffy - October 2018; Mukesh Gunamal - November 2018; Martina Jones - July 2020; Suzanne Hsu and Ashir Mir - October 2019

This page was last updated in November 2019.


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