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At Portway Primary School, we believe that targeted homework is a useful tool to support and consolidate basic skills in maths and English.

To this end, homework is set each week on a Thursday and consists of tasks set to consolidate learning in class in order to support the development of literacy and maths skills. Homework tasks are differentiated to ensure that all children are given challenges appropriate to their current abilities.

Homework should be completed by the child at home and then handed in the following Tuesday. Parents are asked to supervise homework and guide where necessary, but we do encourage pupils to be as independent as possible as they progress through their primary school. If your child is struggling with his or her homework, please speak to the class teacher: it should not become a battleground at home!

We also ask that parents and carers sign off reading homework in the home/school reading book that is provided.

Working in partnership with parents

At Portway, we believe that children learn best when supported by school and home, working in partnership. We thus encourage the following:

  • Reading aloud to children throughout primary school
  • Listening to children read as often as possible
  • Helping children memorise their times tables (supporting the learning at school)
  • Helping children interact with the world around them, using what they have learned at school (e.g. working out change, reading road signs, following directions on a map etc.)

This page was last reviewed in September 2022.

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