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Portway's got talent - the final!

Tuesday 25 July 2017


Portway does indeed have talent!

The finalists from both KS1 and KS2 performed in front of the whole school in the last, hectic week of term.  

The judges (Mr Okunbor, Mr Chudley, Ms Jacobs and Ms Waine) assembled, and we were treated to a special performance by our staff support dance group: No Direction.  After that, if was the children's turn to thrill us all!

Every class was represented, and a hugely impressive array of talents was on display - from singing to dancing to gymnastics - all of which were enjoyed by everyone.  A big congratulations to all the finalists for their hard work and diligent practising, to produce such a memorable result.

Although the judges were very impressed with all the performances on display, it was a competition, and so winners had to be chosen.  In KS1, the winners were Simona, Carlysle, Kaylenn and Sophi - well done to all four children, who worked so well as a team to deliver an excellent performance.

Picking a winner from the KS2 talent on display proved impossible, and in the end, the judges decided to declare Stela (who gave us a gravity-defying gymnastics display) and Tessa (who had us on the edges or our seats with her breath-taking solo singing performance) who were declared joint winners. Well done to both Stela and Tessa.

As always, such events would not be possible without the enormous efforts of the staff team.  Thank you to the teachers who encouraged all the preparation and practice, and to everyone who was involved, particularly Miss Louise who so ably supported me in the organising and running of this event.

For those who were not there, we have posted a few photos which are available here.

Wendy Zadigue

Family Liason Officer

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