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27 April 2018 - Portway Press - Newsletter

Friday 27 April 2018


As always, it has been another busy week at Portway!  Highlights include:

  • Year 3 completed their series of puppetry workshops (which also featured in last week's newsletter).  A video will be shortly be available for parents and children to see!
  • In order to assist parents, we are now offering new uniform for sale at school, on Wednesdays at pickup, in the playground.
  • Our year 2 children were delighted to extend their learning beyond the classroom as they learned to make their own tea.  Our Gardener in Residence, Cassie, used the herbs that she has in the garden, and the children were delighted with the results!  Through this activity, children were able to explore the topic work they were doing about India.
  • Year 5 were also out and about this week: in their case, they visited the Eastlea Community Centre to participate in the Primary Schools Award Ceremony, which recognised the work that they have done across a number of projects at school.  Congratulations to everyone who took part.
  • We always love hearing about what the children really enjoy when reading the copies of First News at school - year 4 share their opinions in this week's newsletter.
  • And finally, congratulations is due to Angel class, which this week once again achieved the best attendance of any class at school, at 95.6%!

I would like to thank parents for completing the Parent Surveys we sent home with children last week.  However, we have only received 30 back so far - which is not a representative sample.  Please ensure that you complete and return the survey - your feedback is a crucial part of driving improvement at our school.  Additional copies are available at the school office, and will also be handed out at drop-off and pick up - we look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Jacqui Waine

Head teacher

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