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23 February - Portway Press - newsletter

Monday 26 February 2018

It has been a busy first week back at school post the half term break.

Please find the first week's edition of Portway Press on the left of this page, as a document to download.  Once again, we wish to highlight the importance of both (a) ensuring that every child attends school, every day, to ensure that learning can take place, and (b) staying safe online.

We were delighted to be able to listen to a number of children peform their poems in front of a panel of judges from West Ham football club - we were so proud of them.  Congratulations.

Year 3 very much enjoyed the germination workshop that they took part in at school at the end of last term, where they learnt about the conditions that seeds need to grow.

We would also like to draw to the attention of all parents the importance of ensuring that children are secure in their knowledge of their times tables: without this, they cannot develop strong mathematical proficiency.  Mathletics has now launched an area called Multiverse which supports the learning of times tables - please take a look.

As always, please feel free to come and see your child's teacher, a member of the senior leadership team or me should you have any queries, concerns or feedback about our school.

Jacqui Waine

Head teacher


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