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18 May - Portway Press - Newsletter

Friday 18 May 2018


First and foremost, WELL DONE YEAR 6 on your SATS - more information is available in the Newsletter, available as a download on this page.

Other highlights this week include:

  • To help ease the transition to the new academic year, which starts in September, we have arranged a number of sessions where children will be able to meet and spend time with their new teachers.  These will take place in early July.
  • The newsletter, as well as our Twitter account - @PortwayE13 - has details of our Pupil Parliament visit to the Houses of Parliament!
  • Please see the newsletter for details of a number of Parent Workshops which we are planning.  Dates will be provided after the half term break.
  • A big well done to Angel, which achieved 99.1% attendance last week.

Thank you to all parents and carers who have completed the requests for an email address to be passed to school.  This is essential as we move to the ParentMail online communication system at school, and away from paper.  Please ensure that the office is provided with this information before the half term break.  We will be writing to parents again shortly re the arrangements for the implementation of ParentMail, and how to set up accounts.  

And finally - you will be aware the the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on Friday before half term.  In line with the ParentMail launch, we will be communicating with parents about what this means for them, and for the children, and we will be sharing our new Privacy Notice and Phototgraphy Policy.

Thank you for your support and attention as always.

Jacqui Waine

Head teacher

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