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15 December - Portway Press available

Friday 15 December 2017


We hope you enjoy catching up with our news in the week 6 newsletter, which was sent home with children on Friday 15th December.

Once again, we were delighted to welcome parents and carers to school to review their children's progress so far this year.  These conferences are an important part of our Parental Engagement strategy, which we revised and re-issued in July 2017, and which is available on the Policies page of our website.  You will also find a copy to download to the left of this page.

We look forward to the nativity plays which will take place on Monday and Tuesday next week.  Details of times are available in the newsletter, as well as on the school calendar, and hope that parents and carers will be able to join us to watch these productions which the children have been working hard to perfect!

Jacqui Waine

Head teacher

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