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Portway is part of a new academy - Leading Learning Trust. As such, the school’s admissions authority is the trust, which is thus responsible for formulating our admissions arrangements. As we have previously worked with the Borough of Newham as our Admissions Authority, we plan to continue to use Newham’s arrangements (which also comply with the Equality Act 2010) for both our admissions and appeals arrangements. 

In reviewing the Borough's Determined Admissions Arrangements in March 2018, the trust board has again elected to adopt these arrangements in full.  The Board remains satisfied with the Borough's arrangements, and has agreed to adopt them for entry in 2019.  The document is available to download on this page.  Any changes to our admissions arrangements will only be made further to a full, detailed consultation with all stakeholders.

Portway currently has the capacity to take 720 pupils from Nursery to Year 6, and is a fully inclusive school. There are different arrangements for children starting in our nursery, in our reception class and for starting during an academic year - all of which are detailed below.  Please note that links to the relevant webpages are provided in the text below.

Nursery Admissions - for September 2019 entry

From September 2017, the 15 hours free early education and childcare offering from the government, has been extented, subject to certain conditions, to an offering of 30 hours.  Please see the Borough's Free Early Education and Childcare page for details.  In order to apply for a Nursery place, you will need to register on the government's eAdmissions website.

We accept children’s names for the Nursery waiting list from their second birthday. We cannot guarantee you a place but we do try to offer all children at least three terms in the Nursery before entry into school. Where a place is offered, it will be a half day morning or afternoon session totalling 15 hours a week.  Our main admission to the nursery will be in the September after a child’s 3rd birthday or, in the term after a child’s 3rd birthday if there are spaces available.

In the summer term before the children’s planned start in September, we will offer places using the Borough's criteria as outlined in the Admissions Arrangements document available to download on this page.

We are also delighted to be able to offer a small number of 30 hour free childcare places under the government scheme.  Details of how to apply in Newham are available on the Newham website.  Please contact the school office for futher details.  Finally, please note that there will be a small charge for this service to cover any lunch and snacks provided.

Should our nursery provision be over-subscribed, we offer children places using the same criteria agreed by our Governing Body to determine the allocation of school places (for Reception entry) and as outlined on this page.

Starting school for the fist time - Reception - for September 2019 entry 

In Newham, any child whose 4th birthday falls between 1st September and 31st August will be entitled to start full time schooling in Reception at the beginning of the academic year.

All admissions are now managed through the government's eAdmissions website.  Should you already have an account further to your child's Nursery application, please use this; otherwise, you will need to login and set up an account.  Please note that all applications must be received before national closing day which is the 15th January before the September that your child is due to start school.

On national offer day, which is the 18th April every year, you will receive a letter from the Borough, in which you will be advised of the school at which your child has been offered a place.  You will also be notified of your statutory right to appeal (see below for further information) if you are not offered your first preference.
Please note that if your child has a place at Portway nursery, you are not automatically guaranteed a place in Reception at Portway. 

As Portway Primary School has adopted the Borough's Determined Admissions Arrangements for September 2019, all admissions follow the Borough's processes which are available on the Starting Primary School page of the Newham website.

If your application for a place at Portway Primary School is refused, you are entitled to appeal this decision, following the process detailed on the Borough's School Admission Appeals page.


Year 6 transition - transfer to secondary school - September 2019

At the beginning of year 6, a meeting is held for parents to offer guidance on the Secondary School application process. Parents can name up to 6 secondary schools from anywhere in England.  Allocation of places is described in the Admissions Arrangements document available to download on this page.

As at March 2018, all admissions information is provided in the single document available to download on this page.  The Borough's Admission to Secondary School page provides details of how to manage your child's transition to secondary school.  Further guidance is also provided to parents of year 6 children at Portway. 


Applying for a school place in Newham or changing schools in Newham (during the school year)

Should you need to apply for a school place for your primary-aged child in Newham during the school year, you should follow the process outlined on the Borough's In Year Admissions page.  All other details are as per the Admissions Arrangements document available to download.

School office staff are happy to assist parents with the application process.  We look forward to welcoming your child to Portway Primary School.  

Where there are more applicants than places available, the school’s Governing Body must apply their over subscription criteria to determine which children should be offered a place.  The school will place all applications in a rank order based on their priority group and home to school distance tie break within each group:

      Children with assessed special educational needs will be given priority.

      Children in the care of the local authority (Looked After Children).

      Children who will get one term in nursery before starting primary school.

      Children who will get two terms in nursery and so on.

In each age group, we will admit children in the following order:

  1. Children who live locally and have a brother or sister at the school.
  2. Children who live locally but do not have a brother or sister at the school.
  3. Children who live elsewhere in Newham and have a brother or sister at the school.
  4. Children who live elsewhere in Newham.
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