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This page was last updated in November 2017

Portway is part of a new academy - Leading Learning Trust. As such, the school’s admissions authority is the trust, which is thus responsible for formulating our admissions arrangements. As we have previously worked with the Borough of Newham as our Admissions Authority, we plan to continue to use Newham’s arrangements (which also comply with the Equality Act 2010) for both our admissions and appeals arrangements.

The information below outlines various types of admissions, and provides links to the relevant documents as hosted on the Newham website (whose admissions arrangements the trust currently follows).  Links to information regarding our appeals process are also provided.

Any changes to our admissions arrangements will only be made further to a full, detailed consultation with all stakeholders.

Portway currently has the capacity to take 720 pupils from Nursery to Year 6, and is a fully inclusive school. There are different arrangements for children starting in our nursery, in our reception class and for starting during an academic year.

Nursery admissions

We accept children’s names for the Nursery waiting list from their second birthday. We cannot guarantee you a place but we do try to offer all children at least three terms in the Nursery before entry into school. Where a place is offered, it will be a half day morning or afternoon session totalling 15 hours a week.  Our main admission to the nursery will be in the September after a child’s 3rd birthday or, in the term after a child’s 3rd birthday if there are spaces available.

In the summer term before the children’s planned start in September, the school will offer places using the following criteria, based on the local authority admission arrangements:

Priority 1:  based on age - the oldest children will be offered first

Priority 2:  children whose main home address is located in the school’s ‘catchment area’ and is reasonably expected to have a sibling at the school at the time of admission

Priority 3:  other children whose main home address is located in the school’s ‘catchment area’

Priority 4:  children whose main home address is not located in the school’s ‘catchment area’ and is reasonably expected to have a sibling at the school at the time of admission

Priority 5:  all other children, who live in Newham based on distance from home to school

Priority 6: all other children, who live outside of Newham

At other times of the year the above criteria will also be used.

Please note, children who are or were in the care of the Local Authority or children with an assessed special educational need (if that special need can be met by the school) will always be given priority over other children.

Starting school for the first time – Reception class - for entry in September 2018: deadline for applications - 15 January 2018

In Newham, any child whose 4th birthday falls between 1st September and 31st August will be entitled to start full time schooling in Reception at the beginning of the academic year.  This means that  children born between the 1st September 2013 and the 31st August 2014 will start Reception in September 2018. 

To apply for a place for your child at our school, please contact Newham directly via eAdmissions -  ( or your nursery school before the national closing day which is Monday 15th January 2018, for a September 2018 start.  Applying online will ensure that you know that your application has been received, and you will be given a reference number to confirm your application.

On national offer day, which is Monday 16th April 2018, if you have applied, you will receive a letter from Newham informing you of the school you have been offered. You will also be notified of your statutory right to appeal if you are not offered your first preference.

Please note that if your child has a place at Portway Nursery, you are not automatically guaranteed a place in Reception at Portway.

Guidance on applying for a place at a primary school in Newham - for entry in September 2017

If your application for a place at Portway Primary School is refused, you are entitled to appeal this decision.

Year 6 transition - moving from primary to secondary school

At the beginning of year 6, a meeting is held for parents to offer guidance on the Secondary School application process. Parents can name up to 6 secondary schools from anywhere in England.

Guidance on applying for a place at a secondary school in Newham - for entry in September 2017

Applying for a school place in Newham or changing schools in Newham (during the school year)

You will need to apply as soon as you can to the Local Authority and if offered a place an appointment will be made to see the Head Teacher within two weeks from the offer date. At the meeting bring proof of your child’s date of birth (only passport, birth certificate or NASS document if you are an asylum seeker); and proof of your address (only current Council Tax Bill, Housing Benefit Letter, rent book for council housing or council tenancy agreement and one utility bill).

Newham In-Year Common Application Form - for the academic year 2016/17

Determined admissions arrangements

Admission for entry from September 2017 (2017/8 academic year)

Admission for entry from September 2018 (2018/9 academic year)

Further information

For more information about school admissions, please visit the following pages on the Newham Council website:

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