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Family Hub

Family Hub

Welcome to the Family Hub section of our website, to which we have made/ are making a number of changes in January/February 2018.  

Please note that all year group information, including curriculum maps which describe the learning taking place each half term, are now available as separate pages in the Our Year Groups area of the website.

As of January 2018, we have updated our website to include separate pages for each year group, so that parents are more easily able to access the information which is relevant to them.  The 'Parents' area of the website has been renamed 'Our Year Groups' in light of this change.  All information previously on the website remains in place; users may need to use the 'search' button at the top of the screen, as the information may have moved.

This area of the website is designed to help parents understand and support their child's learning at school.  More detailed information regarding what we teach, and how we teach it, are available on the curriculum and early years curriculum pages of the website.  Parents will be notified of any updates via the News page of the website.  The following documents are available to download:

1) Parental Engagement Policy: children have the best chance of success when home and school work together.  Our Parental Engagement Policy describes our approach in this area.

2) Supporting your child’s attendance: without good attendance, children cannot make progress at school.  Parental engagement (see our Parental Engagement Policy, also available on this page) is vital to ensure attendance – please have a look at this information, and speak to our Family Support Worker, Louise Wilson, for any additional advice and support.

3) Supporting literacy and maths at home: This section contains information re supporting your child's reading at home, which promotes the development of strong literacy skills.  Guidance and advice re easy ways to help parents bring maths into everyday life are also available.

The new name of this area of the website - Family Hub - indicates our commitment to support not only our children, but their families and the wider community.  Starting in January 2018, we are scheduling a number of events for parents; these include a number of drop-in sessions, workshops, and a parent/child homework club - all of which are published on the school calendar.  Portway Press, our weekly newsletter, provides further reminders re these sessions - all issues are available on the news page.

As always, please come and see us at school should you have any specific queries or concerns.  Should you wish to obtain hard copies of any of the information hosted here, most of which has already been sent home with children, please contact the school office, where staff will be happy to help.

For any general enquiries, please use the ‘contact us’ section of the website.

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